Let's activate your SIM!

Thanks for requesting your Bullitt Connect SIM and mobile package. So we can get you up and running as soon as possible we need to activate your SIM.

To activate your SIM, please click the button below.

To activate your Bullitt Connect SIM you will need to have requested your free Bullitt Connect SIM and have the SIM Serial Number or Mobile Number (printed on the front of the card) handy. You will also require a credit or debit card to activate your account.

You can transfer your existing mobile phone number to your new Bullitt Connect SIM during activation. To do this, you will need to request a PAC code from your current mobile provider. Full instructions are shown during the activation process.

You can enter either your SIM serial number or mobile number to activate your Bullitt Connect SIM. 

These are printed on the front of your Bullitt Connect SIM in the top right hand corner. Your SIM serial number is above the barcode and usually starts ‘894’. Your Bullitt Connect mobile number is printed below the barcode and usually starts ‘075’.